Lavender and Lemon Cupcakes


It’s actually pretty rare that I make cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong: I love choosing the batter, pulling all my liners and sugars out to decide how to decorate them, whipping butter into a frosting frenzy with powdered sugar… but it just takes forever. As much as I love cupcakes, most of the time on a Sunday afternoon, all I want is a recipe I can spend an hour or two on and then eat right away. None of this tip-toeing around the kitchen for an hour so they don’t fall, testing with toothpicks, waiting to cool before I can frost them.


But there are those rare times–seems like once every six months–that I just want to spend all day making a really pretty cupcake. Until someone starts hiring me to cater their birthday parties, my cupcakes have no celebratory reason attached to them besides the joy of having a dozen gorgeous cupcakes sitting on my counter… which is just fine.


The trouble is, this particular cupcake craving hit when Milwaukee was at its most humid, not exactly the time most normal people would want to turn on the oven. Luckily, I saw this recipe on what has got to be one of the best cupcake blogs around, and it seemed to be the perfect summer cupcake: light, simple batter, lavender scented, tart but sweet lemon cream cheese frosting. I, and my neighbors, can testify: it is, indeed, the perfect summer cupcake.

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