Pearl Sugar Cream Scones


These are lazy Saturday morning scones.


I have made this recipe at least twenty times or so over the past few years. They are one of my favorite ways to combine butter, sugar, and flour, probably thanks to the heavy cream and the pretty pearl sugar–little opaque sugar crystals that remind me of snowflakes, if snow could taste sweet. (You can find pearl sugar at IKEA, or substitute sanding sugar. But it won’t be as pretty.)


In college, these were my go-to, procrastination-assisting baked good. Today, they were my “I have nothing to eat for breakfast or lunch and I’m still sleepy at 11 in the morning and I really just need something easy and warm that will go with my tea” baked good.


As long as you don’t overmix the dough (the usual scone instruction), these are the easiest kind of gently sweet scone to make. You could add nuts or currants, slather with raspberry jam, or, as I did for lunch, eat them plain and unabashedly, one after another, with a big mug of Earl Grey.


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