Lemon-Scented Sugar Cookies


A super-cool friend of mine is starting a pop-up community gathering space this summer! She had a Polka Party fundraiser (yes, it was as awesome as it sounds) and so I volunteered to bake something for her to serve at the event.


I needed something quick and easy, perfect for baking after a full Saturday morning at work.


This recipe from Cook’s Illustrated is one of my absolute favorites. It is so fast and simple and yields a beautiful cookie, soft and chewy. (See above: Cook’s Illustrated never lies. Further proof: coconut cake.)


I added two twists: one was lemon zest, fluffed into the granulated sugar to infuse the flavor throughout the whole dough.


The other was gold sanding sugar.


What? The cookies needed to be dressed up with a bit of glitz–they were going to a party, after all.


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Lemon Curd

Summer is coming! Here is some lemon curd!


But first, let’s be real. It sounds gross. Curd? Like curds and whey? What is curds and whey, anyway? When I was a kid I always assumed that was the most disgusting combination of foods ever. Like oats and grass–something that goats eat. On a farm. Where there are tuffets (whatever those are).


Well, turns out the concept of curd is indeed kind of gross. It basically means letting some sort of dairy product curdle. Yuck indeed.


And yet, lemon curd. Oh, lemon curd. You are delicious. In the recipe I used, a reviewer called the stuff “sunshine on a spoon.”


This is very true. Eat it plain on a spoon on a grey Wisconsin day and you will feel instantly better about the weather.


Slather it on pound cake (preferably one that didn’t fall). Dab it onto a croissant or scone and have some French-pressed coffee. Put it on berries. Bake a tart or something. Look at all the projects I’ve given you. You’ll be busy for weeks.


So let’s review. Curd sounds gross, but lemon curd is delicious, so don’t overthink it. Just make it. Continue reading