Sunset Morning Muffins


Here’s what’s going on with me and breakfast. We had a good thing going for a while. Cheerios and milk. Predictable, reliable. Then I decided to switch to drinking organic milk after a somewhat traumatic and eye-opening trip to a Wisconsin farm. No big deal. I get tastier milk on my cereal in the morning, and I support local farmers and happy cows, right?


WRONG! So. Wrong. I have bought organic milk twice now. And it tastes weird. Kind of metallic and plastic-y. What is up with that!? I wish I knew. I googled it and found some uneasy solace in message boards proclaiming a worldwide dairy conspiracy. More practically and less globally, I just hate going to the grocery store every other day. What’s a locavore girl to do?

IMG_3243 IMG_3245

Needless to say, for the past two weeks, breakfast has not been my pal. It’s been chocolate chip granola bars and coffee around here. Maybe some O.J. to get some vitamins in there. (In the beginning of this tragedy, there was also cake, but two bites of insanely rich cake does not a breakfast make.) None of those things are good for your first meal of the day. They are not filling. Which is, of course, the whole point of having breakfast in the first place.

IMG_3251 IMG_3259

Luckily, though, as often happens in life, as in baking (sage metaphor coming right up), challenges lead to creativity. And so it was with my organic-milk-breakfast-dilemma. Walking home from work today, I thought to myself, HANG ON. I have buttermilk. I have butter. I have some eggs. I have cranberries. I have oats. I have spices. I have walnuts. I am making myself muffins for breakfast. At least until I get off my lazy butt and go to the grocery store for some new milk.

IMG_3268 IMG_3269

So that is what I did. I made these as the sun was setting, for tomorrow morning (now you get the title right?). You can put whatever you have in your pantry in these things. I put in a bunch of oats so they are healthy. (That’s a lie–don’t kid yourself–these are full of brown sugar and butter.) I put in walnuts for crunch, allspice for some dark background spiciness, and cranberries for tartness and a little bit of sunset color. But any nuts, dried or fresh fruit will be good in these things.


Breakfast problem solved. Except for the fact that now I’m not really sure I’m ever going to want to go back to plain old cereal and milk again… Continue reading