Salted Toasted Coconut White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

And the prize for longest name of a baked good yet on this blog goes to…


These guys. Yes.


Another short and sweet one here. There is not really much to say about these once you know what is in them. If you’re smart, you’ll run off and bake them right now. That’s right. Don’t read on. Just go bake ’em.

IMG_3297 IMG_3303

Still here? Didn’t listen? You will after the next few pargraphs. Toasted coconut hide inside the extreme sweetness of this cookie. White chocolate chunks offset that sweetness with a cooler flavor.


Salt gives them a complexity and a bit of a kick. They are nothing special without that salt. Don’t skimp.


They are chewy and crunchy all at once. This is thanks in part to the oatmeal, and in part to the frightening amount of butter. They demand a glass of milk to go along with them.


If you’re still here, I can only assume it’s for the recipe, which I suppose you’ll need if you are to run off and immediately make them. Here you are then! Continue reading