Weekend Coffee


I really love coffee. If you had told me when I was in high school that I would even be able to stomach coffee, I would have thought you were crazy. But then I went abroad — to Italy — and that was that. Espresso, freshly made by host mother every morning, combined with a rich latte every afternoon, simply did me in, and now I’m addicted.


Every so often the fact that I’m technically addicted to a drug (caffeine) floats into my mind. Every so often (like this week) I drink a bit too much coffee and am off the wall all afternoon and evening. At those moments I worry about myself a little bit. But most of the time coffee is a treat to savor and enjoy while I click through my inbox in the morning… Or, on the weekends, while I push emails out of my mind and watch the clouds floating over the lake outside my window, and the changing trees, now leafless, trying fruitlessly to resist the Midwest wind.


This month’s Tasting Tuesdays cookbook gave me the idea to brew my usual French pressed coffee with a dash of cardamom, so I thought I’d share here my favorite way to make coffee.

IMG_4633 IMG_4634
IMG_4636 IMG_4646

It might not be your favorite way to make coffee. (I think my mom, for one, would not think that this is brewed anywhere near strong enough.) But try it and tweak it and make it your favorite.


And may it make your weekday inbox dealings more pleasant, and your weekends all the sweeter.

Chelsea Bakes Weekend Coffee
Makes enough for one big cup of coffee or two smallish cups

This details exactly how I make coffee. You can substitute different beans, spices, and equipment.

French press coffee maker (mine is a Bodum)
Coffee bean grinder
Alterra Cafe Voltaire coffee beans
1/4 tsp cardamom

Heat 2 cups of water in a tea kettle on medium-high heat. Meanwhile, freshly grind enough beans for about 2 heaping tablespoons of grounds. (On my Cuisinart this is the “4 cup” setting.)

Measure 2 tablespoons grounds into French press. Add cardamom. Just before the water comes to a boil, pour into the press. Stir with a plastic tablespoon measure and place top on press, but do not press down. Set a timer for 3 minutes (4 minutes if you prefer a stronger taste). At 3 minutes, press the top down. Pour and add cream and sugar to taste.

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