Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you have read 5 or more posts on this blog, you have probably noticed two things about my baking habits. One: I really like cookies. To the point that I rarely bake much else. Two: I like baked goods that are soft, chewy, and dare I say undercooked. But… One of these things is about to change. Behold:


Look! Look at that! That, in front of you, is a thin, crispy, and all-around glorious, not to mention addicting, chocolate chip cookie.


You can thank Tate’s Bake Shop for converting me. I went to New York City in November, was convinced by my crispy-sweets-loving grandmother to “just try” the Tate’s chocolate chip cookies, and well, a few hours later the dozen I bought was diminished to nothing but crumbs. (Which I am not at all ashamed to say I also ate.)


Although Tate’s cookies are sold around the country as well as on their website, I instead said to myself: Self. You are a baker. They have a cookbook. Make the darn addictive things already.


And voila. Baked to a dark golden hue, the dark brown sugar gives them an almost nutty flavor, a heaping of salt keeps them from being too sweet, and tiny chocolate chips are the finishing touch. Plus, if you bake them just a little less than called for, you can get a crunchy outside and a chewy, softer inside. So basically: they are perfect. Go make them and join me as I down half-dozen after half-dozen, leaving nothing but crumbs behind.

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