Lemon Raspberry Cake + Cupcakes


You guys! Let’s make a cake!


I’ve been thinking about cakes for weeks now, ever since my mom sent me two coveted 6″ cake pans that I’ve been searching for for months! (It’s that darn Miette book–the recipes are made for 6″ pans and no larger.) I even got a guilt trip when I made lemon loafs last week instead of 6-inchers… so here you go, Mom. A cake! At last! A pretty little 6″ cake.

IMG_6327 IMG_6328
IMG_6329 IMG_6330

Except… it’s not for you. (Sorry, Mom. If you were closer, I sure would love to make you a cake.) It’s for a friend who’s leaving Milwaukee for a little while. I’m not sure what kinds of cake flavors she likes, but I hope she likes lemons and raspberries, because that’s what this cake is: a fluffy white vanilla bean cake filled with raspberry preserves and covered with a bright sweet lemon frosting.


Are you dying to get a closer look at the inside of the cake? Me too, but we can’t do it. Nope. It has to wait for the party.


But happy day: This cake makes extra batter for cupcakes! Hurray! They are perfect for snacking on while you wait for the big cake to cool and chill.


This cake is light and fluffy and very softly flavored. It’s not too sweet, it’s very simple, and it takes on just enough of the flavor that you pair it with.


The frosting is tart and bright and sweet and if you are anything like me you will eat 5 spoonfuls of it over the course of your decorating and finish your evening on a sugar high.


And of course we all know how well raspberry goes with lemons, don’t we? Look! Cupcake guts! (I’ve been wanting to type that all day.)


In short, this cake and these cupcakes mean that all week I have had that “if I knew you were coming I’d’ve baked a cake” song stuck in my head. This makes no sense in terms of the circumstances of this particular cake (no one is coming to my house for the party, they are all expecting me at the party, and I actually did plan in advance to bake a cake). But it’s catchy. So let’s go with it. Go make yourself a cake already! Continue reading