Tasting Tuesdays: Coconut Raspberry Crumble


Let’s make people smile today. Ready?


Get yourself some raspberry preserves. Round up some coconut.


Put them in pretty little jars for an extra added touch. No one but you will know your ingredients were in pretty little jars before they got baked up together, but it’ll make them taste better. Trust me.


Stir together butter, flour, a smidge of sugar, a heap of super-shredded coconut and make yourself some shortbread. That’s right. I said stir. With a spoon. And some elbow grease. You don’t even need your Kitchenaid for this one.


Bake it up, let it cool, spread more than an entire jar of sweet raspberry preserves and sprinkle with a generous helping of more coconut. Bake again and get that coconut all crisp and chewy on top.


Then hand them out. Give them to your friends. Give them to your coworkers. Give them to folks on the street who look like they’re having a bummer day.


Give them to the sweet ladies who work at Anthropologie. Give them to all the customers who walked in for a perfect chambray shirt who will then walk out with raspberry coconut crumble on their chins (and a hole in their wallet in the shape of said perfect chambray shirt–not that I’m talking from personal experience or anything).


And watch those smiles come!


Meanwhile, you’ll be smiling because the Anthropologie display is, um, the best one yet. Of course, I have a completely biased love of handwriting. This might also explain why I have fallen in love with the Donna Hay Seasons book, which this recipe is from–all the descriptions and comments are handwritten in pretty, looping script. Kim did such a great job emulating the design of the book in this month’s display!


Okay, so admittedly this lost a bit of credibility for your life, dear reader, once I veered into Anthropologie territory–I mean, I can’t guarantee success if you walked into one of the stores with a panful of crumble and offered it up in the dressing room.


But, like I said: Smiles? Yes. For sure. Definitely. Go break out the coconut.

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