Cinnamon Blueberry Tea Cakes

I’ve got a food blogger conundrum.


(This is a weird situation to be in, since I’m still sort of bemused that I can call myself a food blogger at all.)


Anyway, here’s the question: What should I do with all this food!?


I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely had these cinnamon blueberry tea cakes for lunch. And I love sharing goodies at Anthropologie each month.


But there’s only so many cakes I can eat, only so many cookies I can bring in to work, only so many cupcakes I can pawn off on pals… only so many friends I physically even see in a week!


Should I mail goodies to faraway friends? Organize reader treat swaps at local coffee shops? Offer sweets to a random commenter? Donate to charity? I don’t have endless money to spend on postage, and who knows if anyone from Milwaukee I don’t already know even reads this little blog (introduce yourself, Milwaukeeans, for goodness’ sake!). Plus, I’m pretty sure charities usually only accept canned goods or at most treats made in a pristine kitchen with no cats running around underfoot.


So: What do you all think? What do you do with extra food when you bake it? What do you think I should do with these goodies?


And lastly, does anyone want these extra tea cakes!?

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