Matchbox Kitchen S’mores

I am so excited I don’t even know how to start this post! How about with a picture!?


Yes. Those are s’mores. With homemade graham crackers and homemade vanilla marshmallows from my friend Sara at Matchbox Kitchen!


I have followed Sara’s lovely blog for a long time–way before I started my own–so I was pretty thrilled when she commented on one of my posts back when I was just beginning to blog. And even more excited when she recently suggested we do a treat swap after my baking blogger’s lament.


Since I haven’t had much time or energy to bake lately, it was a bit of a godsend for my stressed-out sweet tooth this week when I got Sara’s gorgeous little package.


Not only was it perfectly packed and adorable (complete with a pom-pom in my favorite shade of green), she included a note on one of her beautiful handmade cards.


(The cats were excited about this too. The packing fluff was a big hit and is now in a safe hiding place under the couch after a few hours of quality wrestle time.)


Sara runs an online shop and I would definitely recommend treating yourself to a s’mores kit if you ever need a gift or even a pick-me-up for yourself! They are so tasty and pretty and will put a smile on your face for sure. I was even inspired to make a little video…

Now… let me describe how delicious these guys are.


The marshmallows are fluffy and just a little bit sweet and get so wonderfully gooey when they melt. I find marshmallows hard to make, but I love them, so I’ve been savoring these all week long.


And the graham crackers! They are so thin and crispy with great flavor, and have this great sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on the top. Even though they’re delicate, they magically still hold up to the hot marshmallows. As you can see from the half-eaten evidence above. (It took all my willpower to pause and take that picture, by the way.)


Thank you SO much to Sara for the treat swap!! It’s definitely been a highlight of my month! And all of you should go check out Sara’s lovely blog for yourself–her photography is gorgeous, her food is super tasty and inspiring, and she’s a great writer to boot! And as for me… I’m off to have some more s’mores.

PS: Not only did I make a silly YouTube video, but I also made a silly animated GIF (I was being really techie today, apparently). Check it out here 🙂 (And let me know if you like it and think I should do more!)

Tasting Tuesdays: Earl Grey Cupcakes

Welcome to this month’s edition of Chelsea Has a Revelation Thanks to Tasting Tuesdays!


Here we go: I have realized I am obsessed with all things British.


As I swooned over the adorable story behind Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery, this month’s cookbook, I started thinking about all the things I love that are English.


For example, my longtime favorite bath products, from shampoo to conditioner to hand soap, are British. My new favorite body lotion is British.


And of course it goes beyond bath products. A girl can be indulgent and still cultured, right? Two of my most favorite museums in the world (OK, it’s a long list, but still) are in England. And I haven’t even mentioned baked goods yet. I mean. SCONES. Come. On. And curds. And clotted cream! Oh boy. I’m getting hungry.


Basically, stuff from England is just the best. And these Primrose Bakery cupcakes, my friends, are no different. We can add them to the list of Awesome Things The Brits Have Given Us.


Seriously! They are just lovely, to steal a word from the English. I always get a little worried about foreign cookbooks because there’s so much converting they have to do, but these translate across the pond just beautifully.


These are moist, flavorful little cupcakes. The batter is infused with Earl Grey tea and isn’t very sweet–which makes it a perfect pair for the thick, super-sweet vanilla buttercream frosting.


I highly recommend having some fun with decorating these guys. I went ombre… yes. That’s right. Ombre cupcakes. Sometimes I have too much fun in the kitchen.


As always, the ladies of Anthropologie are just as sweet as the treats–they even sent me off with my own copy of my new favorite cookbook, Donna Hay Seasons! Ahh! They’re too nice to me. I love it there so much that one of these days I’m just going to move into the store and have fresh baked breakfast goodies prepared for them every morning. Fair warning, guys.


Join me next month on May 16!

And PS! Did you see me on Matchbox Kitchen, one of my favorite blogs, last week!? If not, go check it out right now! Her photography is so gorgeous.


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Ultimate Chocolate Cake


This is one of the best things I have ever made. Ever. Seriously. A super moist, nearly-underbaked chocolate cake paired with the most amazing, thick, milk chocolate-y frosting. So forget further descriptions and cute stories, although I certainly could share those… Instead feast your eyes and then bake this and just feast, period.






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