Ultimate Chocolate Cake


This is one of the best things I have ever made. Ever. Seriously. A super moist, nearly-underbaked chocolate cake paired with the most amazing, thick, milk chocolate-y frosting. So forget further descriptions and cute stories, although I certainly could share those… Instead feast your eyes and then bake this and just feast, period.






Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Makes one 2-layer 6-inch cake

Note I’m going to link the two recipes I used because I really didn’t change much from the originals. I did manage to mess up the cake a little–it did not want to cook through even after 45 minutes, and I think that’s because I filled the 6″ pans up too high. That said, it ended up just fine after I sliced off the domed tops (it’s a very fluffy, high-rising cake!) and super moist because it was sort of underbaked. So I leave it to you to follow Sweetapolita’s recipe as you see fit–if you make a 6″ cake, you will have batter left over. I didn’t have enough to make cupcakes with it, but if you fill the pans less than I did (just under half full, I’d say) you should!

Chocolate Cake: Sweetapolita’s Rich and Ruffled Celebration Cake
Chocolate Frosting: Joy the Baker’s Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


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