Interlude: Los Angeles

Hello, there! I’ve just gotten back from a vacation to Los Angeles. I was visiting for a dear friend’s wedding (pictured above). It was pretty much the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen… and she made everything herself! When she gets on all the fancy wedding blogs (as I know she will), I will post links. Until then, feast your eyes on the prettiness above. Sigh!

Aside from dancing for four hours straight under the stars surrounded by peonies and chevron table runners, my vacation consisted mainly of three of my most favorite things (sometimes all three at the same time! Awesomeness overload). Let’s list them through Instagram pictures. These things are:

Art museums!!! (Specifically: LACMA, Getty Center, and Getty Villa.)

The Getty Center is basically art museum Disneyworld. You even take a monorail–I mean, tram–up to the galleries. Amazing.

The Getty Villa, meanwhile, is on the beach.

This beach. This pretty beach.

Beach toes in Malibu.

By the way, the beach is my second favorite thing. We went to lots of beaches. Like this one in Santa Monica.

We even ate macarons on the beach… Heaven.

Speaking of baked goods, that’s number three: BAKERIES! Yes–naturally I ate my way through Los Angeles.

There may have been some arugula and other greens in there somewhere (see above bianco pizza)…

But mainly it was macarons… like this earl grey tea one from Bottega Louie

Or croissants, like this twice-baked one from Short Cake in the super fun and overwhelming Farmers Market…

Or cake, like this hazelnut coffee cake from Semi Sweet Bakery

Or cupcakes. A given. From Sprinkles. We might have gotten four and eaten them within 12 hours.

This one was the black & white one–I also loved the strawberry. Ah-mazing.

We also went to a movie studio and saw the Hollywood sign (and Brad Pitt).

And, I even met Sara Tso from Matchbox Kitchen at an adorable little bakery in Pasadena, Euro Pane! Their ginger scones were really good (something I need to re-create), and she is super sweet!

Most of my days started with treats from Bottega Louie, since it was conveniently (dangerously?) near our hotel… I got a couple of these guys for the plane ride home. I just can’t resist pearl sugar.

Reviewing all of the sweets I ate over the past week, it’s probably no wonder I’m all about the green smoothies this weekend, huh?

More baking soon–until then, don’t mind me, I’ll just be dreaming of L.A. (minus that traffic)…

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