Cinnamon Roll Scones

Cinnamon Roll Scones

You guys know how I love scones, right? And cinnamon? And butter and sugar? Well then you have some small inkling of how excited I was when I saw this recipe for biscuit cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

So fervent was my desire to bake these that I turned on my oven (400 degrees, no less) on an 85-degree day.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They were a little fussy because of the heat, but on a cold winter day when you’re not ready to bust out the yeast to make cinnamon rolls (who ever wants to do that, seriously?!), these would be perfect.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They are literally just a nice buttermilk scone dough all rolled up with melted butter and cinnamon. So easy!

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They take a bit longer to bake and cool than your normal scone, but right out of the oven they have all the best parts of a yeasted cinnamon roll without all the work: hot, melty, crystallized cinnamon sugar and sweet, light, flaky dough.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

I will never make another traditional cinnamon roll again! Okay, well, to be honest, I have never actually made a legit cinnamon roll before… but now I will never have to.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

I followed the recipe from Joy the Baker very closely. Read the whole recipe through first as it can be a little tricky to follow (then again, I may have been overcome by the heat in my kitchen from this weather!). The only adaptations I did were adding some lemon zest to the cinnamon sugar for a little bit of citrus flavor. I wasn’t able to fit all of my cinnamon roll scone slices into an 8×8 pan so I covered the rest of the dough with plastic wrap and am keeping it in my fridge for baking up later.


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