Advent 2012–Day 17

Advent 2012--Day 17

Mm! Bacon!

Advent 2012--Day 17

The vegetarian in me is sighing in distaste, but my inner carnivore is very pleased.

Advent 2012--Day 17

Vosges really does do incredible toffee. It’s buttery and sweet and lightly caramelly.

Advent 2012--Day 17

And it’s definitely great with their signature bacon in there too. Savory and sweet. Yum.

Advent 2012--Day 17

» Bacon Caramel Toffee | buttery toffee + hickory smoked uncured bacon + Alderwood smoked salt + 42% cacao milk chocolate
» Check out Day 17 of my sister’s nail polish advent calendar!
» Introduction to my Advent 2012 blog post series

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