Advent 2012–Day 21

Advent 2012--Day 21

If you like curry, you will looove this chocolate.

Advent 2012--Day 21

For me, I’m not the biggest curry fan, but the milk chocolate and coconut go really well with the earthiness of the curry.

Advent 2012--Day 21

Plus, how pretty is this bar? You can’t really beat opening some chocolate to see a nice little phrase like this.

Advent 2012--Day 21

And now, with this post, I’m all caught up! Phew! AND it’s 3 days till Christmas! WHAT!? Excitement abounds! I’ll be in Pittsburgh on Sunday–can’t wait!

Advent 2012--Day 21

» Naga Chocolate Bar | sweet Indian curry + coconut + 45% deep milk chocolate
» Check out Day 21 of my sister’s nail polish advent calendar!
» Introduction to my Advent 2012 blog post series


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