Advent 2012–Day 23

Advent 2012--Day 23

When you read this, I’ll be on a plane, up since 3 in the morning! Yikes!

Advent 2012--Day 23

So, I am pre-writing and scheduling this post. Who knows what you’d get if I wrote this after having been up at 3. It would be bad, incomprehensible (though perhaps amusing).

Advent 2012--Day 23

I was a bit disappointed with these caramels–really disappointed actually. They sound amazing–dulce de leche, milk chocolate, cashews!? But I could barely bite into them. Such a bummer. Could be that my apartment is too cold, but none of the other caramels were like this. Sad face!

Advent 2012--Day 23

One more day till Christmas!!

Advent 2012--Day 23

» Crema Caramels/a> | Argentinean dulce de leche + Costa Rican cashews + milk chocolate
» Check out
Day 23 of my sister’s nail polish advent calendar!
» Introduction to my Advent 2012 blog post series


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