Cream Scones

I’m in baking redux mode.

Cream Scones

Last time, my favorite molasses cookies — this week, my favorite scone recipe.

Cream Scones

Not much to say here. It’s a gray, cold, rainy day in Milwaukee–perfect for Netflix (I’m rewatching Sherlock at the moment, in case you’re curious), coffee, tidying your apartment, and of course, baking!

Cream Scones

(And also seeing the new Hunger Games movie. What can I say, you can’t stay inside ALL day.)

Cream Scones

These scones are tried-and-true. Unless you’re a purist like me, you can add countless toppings or flavors to this recipe (nuts, dried fruit, extracts, spices…). I often make them with pearl sugar on top for texture, but this time I made a quick icing. It does need something sweet on top.

Cream Scones

Butter is an essential part of a good scone recipe, so splurge on the good European stuff–I like Kerrygold. It’s a bit more malleable, which means you can knead it into the batter easily without overworking it. You want chunks of butter in your scone dough, so that when they bake, the bits of butter melt and leave it flaky and light.

Cream Scones

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White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

WHY have I not been putting white chocolate chips in my beloved scone recipe forever!?

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

Also, why has it taken me so long to mess around with my DSLR by taking portrait oriented shots?!

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

Seriously, it changes everything about the way the photograph looks. These cameras just amaze me with how many things they can do.

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

I’ve had mine for over a year and I still feel like I have barely even scratched the surface.

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

I’m also playing around with square sized photos, which of course isn’t the normal size my DSLR takes and requires some extra editing, but I like how it looks on the blog page on my site.

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

Funny that I had a spurt of baking/photography excitement after my mopey previous post. Would still love any tips against blogger’s block (ugh, that sounds lame, but you know what I mean) that you might want to share, though!

White Chocolate Chip Walnut Scones

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Cinnamon Roll Scones

Cinnamon Roll Scones

You guys know how I love scones, right? And cinnamon? And butter and sugar? Well then you have some small inkling of how excited I was when I saw this recipe for biscuit cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

So fervent was my desire to bake these that I turned on my oven (400 degrees, no less) on an 85-degree day.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They were a little fussy because of the heat, but on a cold winter day when you’re not ready to bust out the yeast to make cinnamon rolls (who ever wants to do that, seriously?!), these would be perfect.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They are literally just a nice buttermilk scone dough all rolled up with melted butter and cinnamon. So easy!

Cinnamon Roll Scones

They take a bit longer to bake and cool than your normal scone, but right out of the oven they have all the best parts of a yeasted cinnamon roll without all the work: hot, melty, crystallized cinnamon sugar and sweet, light, flaky dough.

Cinnamon Roll Scones

I will never make another traditional cinnamon roll again! Okay, well, to be honest, I have never actually made a legit cinnamon roll before… but now I will never have to.

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Cinnamon Buttermilk Scones


Okay, I lied a little in the title. These aren’t really scones, and they’re not very pretty. They’re actually biscuits (which don’t ever need to be precious at all–they are allowed to be quite the hodgepodge. Double [baking] standards!).


Anyway, I added a bunch of sweet stuff to them and changed them into faux scones. Don’t tell the British.


They are still buttery, soft, and big, like biscuits, but sweet, sugary, and very cinnamony–like a good fall scone should be.

IMG_4564 IMG_4574

Also, if you’d like to wrestle with a sticky dough when baking, this is the recipe to make.


In fact, I couldn’t even pat it out; you’ll need an ice cream scoop.


But, hot out of the oven with a bit of salted butter (or heck, make yourself some maple butter and throw some bacon in there), they are a delightful afternoon snack. Or breakfast. Or dessert? Scones are so versatile. Unlike biscuits. Good thing I changed the title. Continue reading

Lemon Chive Biscuits


I love these biscuits and this recipe so much that I can speak of them in nothing other than a string of words haphazardly following photos. That’s just how it’s going to be because I want to go back to eating them as soon as possible. Ready? OK.


Summer. Lemon. Citrus.


Chives. Bright. Crisp.


Tangy! Secret ingredient: Yogurt. Full fat glorious Greek yogurt.


Hot from the oven. Spread with butter. Devour. Repeat. Again and again and again.


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Lavender Walnut Scones


It is summer. The best part of summer: breezy, sunny, warm enough for a T-shirt and cool enough to leave the windows open instead of cranking the AC.


It is difficult to bake in the summertime. You have to be strategic about your choices if you’re going to commit to turning on the oven. Simple citrus and herbs will usually do it. But, I discovered today, so will florals. Specifically lavender.


And also honey. When in Chicago for my job last week, I discovered Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand, a sliver of a grocery store just a few blocks away from the Art Institute, where the only products sold are those made within 250 miles of the city. I found the most gorgeous-looking set of three honeys from Bron’s Bees and had to indulge.


And since the set included lavender honey, I knew I needed to try the lavender walnut scones I’d been dreaming about since they were posted on Joy the Baker. Even though my last experience venturing away from my tried-and-true scone recipe was admittedly unsatisfying, I couldn’t resist a recipe with toasted walnuts, crushed lavender, and so much baking powder I just had a feeling those things would stay tall and fluffy instead of disappointingly flopping over.


My suspicions were right. These scones are awesome. They are absolutely huge, flaky and buttery with plenty of give, and the buttermilk is exactly right, adding a much more interesting and unusual background to the floral lavender than heavy cream would. The toasted walnuts are just a heavy enough flavor to balance out the lightness of buttermilk and lavender.


And the glaze. Oh, it is heavenly. Especially with that Illinois lavender honey. Without the glaze, these scones are not sweet–they’re almost savory in a flowery kind of way–and although some folks might like them like that, I definitely prefer my sweets, well, sweet. On its own this glaze would be way too much, but sinking into the light scone, it is the perfect pairing.


Cut these scones huge, generously douse them with that glaze, and make yourself a cup of earl grey. Iced earl grey, of course. It’s still summer, after all–let’s not rush in winter with hot tea just yet.


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Lemon Vanilla Bean Scones


I really should quit making any scone recipe other than my cream scones. I know they work. I like them best. I am always, without fail, disappointed in any other recipe. But this was an adaptation from Alice’s Tea Cup–my favorite ridiculous little fancy-pants tea shop in New York City. I might have lived off of those scones most of the summer I lived in the city. So this recipe had to be great. Right?


Wrong. I hate to write that–but wrong. The recipe was not great. It was certainly not bad; it might even have been good. But it was definitely not great.

IMG_2755 IMG_2758
IMG_2759 IMG_2760

The dough is sticky and much more vanilla-y than lemon-y, and I still can’t figure out how they work when they don’t have an egg in them.

IMG_2764 IMG_2770

They were a success at the brunch I brought them to, but I’m pretty sure that was mainly because of the hostess’ amazing fresh strawberry compote and whipped cream, which can make any ho-hum recipe pretty great indeed!

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Pearl Sugar Cream Scones


These are lazy Saturday morning scones.


I have made this recipe at least twenty times or so over the past few years. They are one of my favorite ways to combine butter, sugar, and flour, probably thanks to the heavy cream and the pretty pearl sugar–little opaque sugar crystals that remind me of snowflakes, if snow could taste sweet. (You can find pearl sugar at IKEA, or substitute sanding sugar. But it won’t be as pretty.)


In college, these were my go-to, procrastination-assisting baked good. Today, they were my “I have nothing to eat for breakfast or lunch and I’m still sleepy at 11 in the morning and I really just need something easy and warm that will go with my tea” baked good.


As long as you don’t overmix the dough (the usual scone instruction), these are the easiest kind of gently sweet scone to make. You could add nuts or currants, slather with raspberry jam, or, as I did for lunch, eat them plain and unabashedly, one after another, with a big mug of Earl Grey.


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