Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

I decided to bake Christmas cookies rather than Netflix away the day! (If you’re curious, though, I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time and Black Mirror, two shows which, truly, could not be more different).

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

Honestly, though, they were just an excuse to dance around my apartment all day while singing along to the Michael Buble holiday album over and over and over. And over.

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

I love baking and blogging, but sometimes when you really think about the whole process, it’s kind of weird. I mean, arranging food and setting up shots is one thing if you’re a professional food stylist, but I have to admit I felt a little silly stacking cookies next to Christmas baubles in front of my sad little fake Christmas tree… But at least the photos look decent!

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

I’m heading home for the holidays and although I’ll be baking a bunch, I probably won’t have my fancy camera with me (plus the light in my parents’ house is pretty bad), so there won’t be any new posts for a while. But, if you’re nebby, you can follow me on Instagram to see all my baking adventures in Pittsburgh!

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

Happy holidays!

Snappy Gingerbread Cookies

(Sorry folks, I know it’s overdone, but I just couldn’t resist ending the post with some Christmas tree bokeh.)

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Gingerbread Cookies


Allow me to be non-nondenominational for just a few more posts, won’t you?


Everybody likes pretty gingerbread cookies, right?


The answer is yes. Of course.


All the dough mixing, fussy rolling, cookie cutting, icing organizing… it’s all worth it when you pipe pretty pastel lines of sugar and dot them with delicate sprinkles and pearls.


I highly recommend making one of your icings an untraditional Christmas color. My baking cohort (you’ll remember her from three separate cakes) made the prettiest mauve color which totally works with Christmas cookies. Trust.


Go crazy and attack your flooded royal icing with toothpicks. It might not be symmetrical, but it will definitely be pretty.


And would you like to see EVERY single cookie we made? (Okay, not every single one. Just the ones deemed prettiest for food photography.) Good. GO!

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Tasting Tuesdays: Gingerbread Muffins


That gingerbread candle from last month’s Tasting Tuesdays really did me in.


I was going to make something gluten-free, I swear, but then I opened up Home Made by Yvette van Boven… and that was it. I was done.


Yvette van Boven is a super-talented cook-baker-artist from the Netherlands. This book is gorgeous–half illustrated diary, half recipe collection. The gingerbread muffins recipe was so ridiculously adorable looking (evidence above) that I couldn’t resist baking it.


And the muffins are really lovely: moist, spicy, sweet, simple, and extremely easy. Although she suggests a cream cheese based frosting, I whipped up an easy royal icing for some crunch to balance the softness of the muffins.


By the way, you might be wondering: really, Chelsea? You’re calling these muffins? They look like cupcakes to me… Shh. Muffins are much easier to eat five in a row of than cupcakes. So they’re muffins. Just spiced, sweet muffins.


These keep well in an airtight container, so you should make them for holiday brunches… for pre-Thanksgiving snacks… for Christmas morning… to leave for Santa… For every night of Hannukah… Oh man, I’m getting a little too excited about the holidays, aren’t I?! I’m blaming Anthropologie’s pretty displays–I got a preview of the holiday windows: just you wait, people, Kim’s windows are going to be amazing! (Not to mention what’s in store right now… I mean. Have you seen these tea towels used in the display? They’re sparkly teacups in the shape of a Christmas tree. Too much.)


As always, thanks so much to the Milwaukee Anthropologie! The display was lovely and all the staff were so sweet, especially Emily and Lynn! (Last, can I just share? When I popped in for a bit of shopping earlier that week, the ladies called me “our baker” at the cash register. Yes, that totally made my entire month!)


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