Pumpkin White Cheddar Muffins


Okay. These guys are not pretty.


But if you like your muffins super cheesy, slightly spicy (it’s the cayenne pepper), and very savory, then these are the breakfast treats for you. Be warned, sweet teeth: there’s only a hint of brown sugar in here, and the muted flavor of pumpkin really acts as nothing more than a colorful backdrop for white cheddar.


You probably could have told me this before I went through the trouble of baking these things, but it turns out I am not a fan of savory muffins. I mean. I am really not. That bite you see in these pictures? … That was the only bite I took. The rest of the dozen went straight to the ol’ workplace for sharing.


Luckily, museum people on the whole seem to be savory muffin fans (although I noticed peak snack times were more at lunch than at breakfast). These muffins are crazy-easy to make and would be great at a brunch buffet–where ideally your guests are a little more attuned to the needs of their sweet tooth than I am.

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