Blood Orange Curd


You might think this is a Valentine’s Day post.


After all, there’s a lot of pink happening here, and the scones are cut into heart shapes.


But you’re WRONG! Wrong, I say. This is not a post about Valentine’s day, but it is a post about love… Love for Downton Abbey.


Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? (Well, maybe you were. Everybody in the world is in love with Downton Abbey. Don’t know what it is? I’m so sorry. It’s the best TV show ever. Go educate yourself immediately.)


So why the scones? My coworkers are having a Downton Abbey-themed luncheon tomorrow. That’s right. We are gathering in the conference room over our lunch break and watching Downton Abbey while we eat a potluck English feast. (Pretty much the snazziest coworkers ever, I know.)


Naturally I had to make scones. And obviously some sort of curd had to go along with them.


I was envisioning lemon curd until I saw the blood oranges at the grocery store. That was it. I love blood oranges. I am not a fan of any other kind of oranges, but I will take sweet, juicy blood oranges any day.


This blood orange curd is super-easy, sweet and just a little bit tart, and goes perfectly with my favorite scone recipe, which is subtle and creamy. Not to mention it is a beautiful pink color.


I don’t really think the Crawleys would have been into blood orange curd. It’s a little exotic and I’m 99% sure not at all historically accurate. The Countess would surely have turned up her nose, although I bet Lady Sybil would have been on board. But I have a feeling these will be a hit at the luncheon tomorrow, historical accuracy be darned!


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